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Image of Unwrapped

This trio of tales is about finding love at Christmastime, a season that hasn’t always been a cause for celebration for some of the characters. McCarthy starts things off nicely with a funny -- and hot -- story. Kauffman’s Scotland-based tale would have benefitted from more background on the characters. Angell uses an unlikely location and interesting plot.

When Blue’s car breaks down in the snow far from home on Christmas Eve, she’s rescued by a stranger who teaches her to get into the spirit of Christmas in McCarthy’s “Blue Christmas.” Divorce attorney Shay has seen too many couples’ misery to believe in marriage. But he may be “Santa in a Kilt” in Kauffman’s tale when his feelings for Kira make him willing to take a chance on love. Allie has an amazing one-night stand, but runs out before her partner wakes up. Three years later she again meets Aiden when a snowstorm traps them in a department store on Christmas Eve and she discovers she is his “Snow Angel” in Angell’s entry. (BRAVA, Oct., 320 pp., $14.00)
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Joyce Morgan