When you want to be wifey to a baller, you shun pursuers whose futures don’t include a contract with a lot of zeroes. Simone takes us on campus and into the lives of young lovers and best friends with big egos. Flamboyant dormmates and embarrassing relatives entertain, while hard-hitting dialogue and engaging scenes keep us interested until the last revelation. A home run!

Seven is a college freshman and her boyfriend of three years is a star football player. Josiah tells her constantly that he’s upgrading her by having her as his No.1. While Josiah is acting shady, Zaire, a handsome New Orleans native, pursues Seven, who is baffled by her attraction to him. Her friends and mother urge her to open her eyes. When she does, she sees deception and forgiveness. (DAFINA, Mar., 288 pp., $9.95)
Reviewed by: 
Robin R. Pendleton