Richly talented author Victoria Barrett's newest addition to the Seascape romances is her most irresistible to date. UPON A MYSTIC TIDE makes for great reading!

Talk about physician heal thy self. Radio talk show relationship counselor Dr. Bess Cameron is in deep trouble. Her marriage to Private Investigator John Mystic is all over except for the signatures, and because of her pending divorce, Bess may lose her job.

When a mysterious call-in listener named Tony seems to almost read Bess' mind, he challenges and maneuvers her into visiting the magical Seascape Inn. The last thing Bess wants to find when she arrives at the Inn is her almost ex-husband John. He is still investigating the missing person's case that helped destroy their marriage.

John Mystic loves his wife deeply, but demons and secrets from his past have kept a barrier up between them. His obsession with finding Elise Dupree's missing daughter, Dixie, is the final wedge.

For John, Elise has been a mother figure, and her sudden death is a devastating blow. John is undeterred, however. He will do whatever it takes to find the truth about Dixie. His quest takes him to the Seascape Inn and Bess.

Bess is unnerved to discover that her psychic caller is in reality a ghost. Tony is determined to help Bess and John salvage their relationship. He will use whatever ghostly prodding is necessary, for Tony knows that life is fleeting, while true love lasts forever.

(Dec., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith