Though Tessa Astley knows her marriage to Jered Mandeville, Duke of Kittridge, is a marriage of convenience, she harbors the hope that it will turn to love. That hope is nearly crushed when Jered leaves for London after their wedding night. There is only one thing to do—follow him.

Jered is none too pleased to see his new wife everywhere he goes, for his duchess must be obedient to his wishes, bear him an heir and not interfere with his pleasures. Ones wife does not visit ones mistress and spend the afternoon discussing goodness knows what and getting tipsy from drinking brandy.

Passion sparks between them and Tessa, with her ready smile and talent for making him laugh makes him question the life he leads. But after one night that leads to almost disastrous results Jered must look into his heart and do much needed soul searching.

With a touch of decadence and subtle repartee UPON A WICKED TIME is a charmingly written Georgian tale. SENSUAL (Dec., 372 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond