Image of Upstairs At Miss Hattie's


Image of Upstairs At Miss Hattie's
When a potential political opponent's wife threatens to expose Sarah Wingate Clyburn's past -- she worked as an escort to pay for college -- Sarah is determined to protect her architect husband Bram's good name and future, even if she has to divorce him to do it. But then Bram's grandmother, Evvie, tells Sarah about her previous life, when she worked as one of the "girls" at Miss Hattie's bordello, supporting her family and later waiting while Bram's grandfather, Edgar, served in World War II. Evvie makes Sarah understand the true meaning of love and sacrifice. Ken Casper's Upstairs at Miss Hattie's (4) is a unique story, with well-handled characters, credible conflict and liberal doses of humor.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer