Coulter is a multitalented author who moves from traditional Regency romance to modern-day thrillers with ease. After decades she returns to the Middle Ages with a sprightly tale that showcases her hallmark sense of humor, skill for crafting a clever mystery, and ability to create “witchy” characters who draw on the atmosphere of the era. Readers will be enthralled through the surprising, smart climax of this enchanting romance.

Upon the death of his brother, Arthur, King Edward I’s man, Garron of Kersey, returns to Wareham Castle as the new earl. He finds the soldiers gone and that most of the servants have fled since the Black Demon descended upon the castle searching for a cache of silver coins Arthur supposedly hid in the keep. Among the remaining servants is Merry, the priest’s byblow. Merry is not only a skilled healer, she’s able to read, write and cipher. She is a perfect match for Garron, but she has secrets that threaten him and Wareham. Even falling in love cannot prevent their problems, especially when the king’s chancellor arrives to help investigate the Black Demon’s savage attack and the truth behind the silver. As they move closer to the truth, danger edges toward them and only the king can solve the mysteries. (PUTNAM, Oct., 355 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin