A fairy godmother, often in trouble for her matchmaking antics, is sentenced to spend one week as a human. When she crosses paths with a handsome businessman she discovers life might be harder than she thought. Mary Anne Wilson delivers humor and romance for the season in VALENTINE FOR AN ANGEL (4).

He'd been a corporate shark, and she'd been the quiet, naive wife. Now after four years apart, he's barely scraping by, and she's climbed the corporate ladder-and she wants a divorce. She also always wanted a baby, and he wants to apply for the job of HOUSE HUSBAND (3). Talented Linda Cajio brings well-defined characters together in a nice romance.

An assistant manager for a hotel has spent three and a half years trying to adopt the child who'd been thrust into her arms and abandoned as a baby. Now that the adoption is final, a man shows up claiming to be betrothed to her young daughter. Her only option seems to be finding out how to marry A REAL-LIVE SHEIK (2). Jacqueline Diamond takes readers through palaces and revolutions and delivers love in this far-fetched tale.

Running away from an overbearing father and a fianc with an ulterior motive, a young heiress winds up in West Virginia in her wedding dress stuck in a blizzard with a handsome sheriff. Cathy Gillen Thacker tells a cute but predictable story in SNOWBOUND BRIDE (2).

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson