Regency favorite Barbara Metzger offers a special collection of VALENTINES (3) from Fawcett. In three very different short stories, Ms. Metzger follows the path of true love in fresh and unique ways.

In "Bald Lies," a wealthy earl tries to conceal his incipient baldness on a visit to the country where he falls in love with the spirited daughter of the local clergyman. Needless to say, he gives up the pretense under the most unusual of circumstances and proves his love in the process. Then, in "The Last Valentine," the disgraced daughter of an earl finds unexpected love when she receives a series of anonymous love notes. Finally, Ms. Metzger really goes for broke in "Love and Tenderness" when the ghost of 'the King' makes an unfortunate appearance on a wedding night and must then take a hand in solving a mystery and reconciling the wedded lovers.

Although humor often takes precedence over romance, readers will chuckle with glee at these clever and entertaining tales.

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer