Lindsay McKenna (aka Eileen Nauman) explodes on the e-pub scene with an edge-of-the-seat romantic suspense. Richly drawn characters, attention grabbing detail and tender sensuality empower this tautly paced story. Readers will be enthralled from first page to last.

All Corporal Cathy Cat Fremont wants is to finish her tour of duty and go home, but first she must survive her commanding officer, Major Lane is a woman so bent on proving females belong in combat that she is willing to sacrifice anyone who stands in her way.

When Lane's harmful command practices become known, Captain Jim Boland is sent in to neutralize her. By gaining Cat's confidence, he hopes to persuade her to help him, but once he meets the green-eyed soldier they call the VALKYRIE, he wants more than her trust — he wants her. But before they can plan a future, Cat gets caught in Lane's maelstrom of lies and manipulations, forcing the lovers to race to stay one step ahead of a fiery conclusion.

(dl $5, dk $7, tpb $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Pamela Cohen