Roth's two-novel anthology is a paranormal thrill ride. Valerie, a strong heroine with a sense of humor, tells both
stories in first person. "Valkyrie" has a compelling storyline but gets confusing midway through when many new characters are introduced. The prequel "Valhalla – The Valkyrie Beginnings," explains much, and the author really gets inside the heads and emotions of the characters. Readers will be hoping for a sequel to see what adventures await her next.

"Valkyrie" begins five years after a near-fatal accident caused Valerie Falkyr's memory loss. A chance encounter with a hunky actor rehearsing for a vampire flick sets in motion a series of events that could destroy her new life.

The second story takes readers back to Valerie's origins on "Valhalla." She is sent to collect souls from supernatural humans who will be trained as warriors, and her mission takes her to the Scottish Highlands -- and produces surprising results. (New Concepts, Nov., 248 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski