For most of her career, Rosanne Bittner has written about Native American history and culture. Her new series centers on the early Anglo pioneers, presenting a different viewpoint of American history and westward expansion. In the second book of the series, two brothers and the woman they love are caught up in the dramatic events of the Revolutionary War.

Luke Wilde is torn between his discontent as a farmer and his feelings about America's struggle for independence. He does not always favor the idea of breaking with England, while his brother, Jeremiah, a patriot through and through, brings his cause and the war much too close to home.

Annie Barnes, Luke's fiancée, has strong feelings for Jeremiah, and as the men are thrust into battle Annie is torn between them and their conflicting political interests; she must face her true feelings for Luke, Jeremiah and this country.

THE SETTLERS is a dramatic glimpse into pioneer life and the powerful effects of the Revolutionary War on ordinary people whose courage is an inspiration. Bittner not only knows her history, she understands what drives her characters, making every book compelling and memorable. SWEET (Mar., 400 pp., $22.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin