Two worlds hang in the balance as
the Circle of Six fights to save humanity
in both the otherworldly land of Geall
and modern-day Earth. The final, explosive chapter in Roberts' new
trilogy brings to fruition the ultimate battle that has been destined from
the start. Let's hope this powerful, romantic and deeply emotional book
is only the start of Roberts' leap into
the paranormal genre.

When scholarly Moira pulls the sword from the stone, like her mother before her, she becomes the new Queen of Geall. With the Circle of Six gathered in Geall, the die is now cast as vampire Queen Lilith amasses her forces. Although a scholar by nature, Moira is fast becoming a fierce warrior in order to lead her people.

For vampire Cian, no woman in a thousand years has touched his heart like the radiant Moira. Although both Moira and Cian know they are likely to die, their deep passion and intense love sustains them. It will take huge sacrifices from all if the mighty Lilith is to be defeated and humanity saved. (JOVE, Nov., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith