Vampire hunter and bar owner Kat Crosse is afraid that she's about to succumb to a vampire bite she got as a baby and turn into a bloodsucking monster. That's why she's cut herself off from the family business and bought a bar -- she wants to protect her two sisters (they're triplets) and her vampire-hunting grandfather. Between fixing up the bar and spending time around men and booze, her days have been starting in the evening, and it's enough to arouse the suspicion of vampire hunter Jack Rawls, a man searching for his sister's killer. Jack soon realizes that Kat's not a vampire, and the two join forces to rid the town of an ancient evil. Vampaholic (4.5) by Harper Allen is fun and exciting. Allen's dialogue is snappy, and her characters are colorful and don't take themselves too seriously.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay