Embark upon another journey into the realm of the supernatural with Anne Rice's most mysterious and alluring creation.

All we know about Armand has come from his place in Lestat's books. Now it is Armands turn to explain his personal torment and his place in the dark world of the vampire.

Long ago Armand was a young boy in Kiev, captured and sold in Italy to a painting master, the great Marius. It is his master, a man of strange and awesome passions who teaches the boy of all the many kinds of love-- those of men, of woman and of vampires.

The young man is torn between his growing understanding of the world and his need to understand God and His will. He tastes all he can, even as he struggles with his dual nature of human and vampire.

Finally a horrific fire sweeps through his world and separates him from Marius. He is retaught by other vampires and sent to govern a coven in Paris. Through his words we learn of the Theatre of the Vampires, and come to understand Claudia's death and his reasons for interfering in Lestat's life. We see his love for others; especially his two human "pets," Sybelle and Benji. Most of all we see a man in search of the meaning of life and God's love.

Anne Rice has made her vampires more human, more complex and more intriguing in her new series. But it is Anne Rice's words that work the true magic. She weaves a spell around you with lush prose that holds you captive. THE VAMPIRE ARMAND is a treat for the die hard Vampire Chronicles reader. (Oct., 387 pp., $26.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin