On the eve of Samhain, it is rumored that the Andromache is going to rise and that reality will come to an end. The Fury -- the relentless destroyer of demons, vampires, humans, etc. -- is the one that will supposedly raise it.

Vampire Rory MacLaren seeks out Fiona MacRhee and her demon hunter friend, Joan, to offer his help in destroying the Fury. Deacon Euan St. Clair is soon a member of their group too, after they ask him to loan them the old books they hope will supply a way to stop the Andromache's rising and give them some insight into exactly what it is. The battle begins to heat up when zombies are sent to stop them, causing Fiona to call on her magick -- something she's kept hidden from the others.

This is a wonderfully imaginative story with intriguing characters, two romances, a bit of mystery and even some horror. The relationships that grow among the main characters are well defined, and their accents have an authentic sound. The ending leaves you longing for more. (dl $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley