Image of Vampire Dragon (A Works Like Magick Novel)


Image of Vampire Dragon (A Works Like Magick Novel)

Blair is great at creating funny, light characters, and her dragon men, like Sandra Hill’s Vikings, are lots of fun. In this adventure, however, the plot suffers from an embarrassment of riches, making it hard for newcomers to catch up, especially considering the multitude of characters: multiple villains, people from previous books, old souls, etc. Fans who are up to date will find the expected funny transformation of a beast into a loving family man. Blair’s heroes are great behavior models.

It is Darkwyn Dragonelli’s turn to go though the mist and turn from a cursed Roman legionnaire/dragon into a man. Now he must find his heartmate. What a surprise to see her as soon as he manifests in her club. Bronte’s club is a vampire/ wannabe/tourist hangout in Salem, but she seldom gets naked guys appearing behind the bar. Vivica the dragon liaison is also Bronte’s friend, so she is able to smooth things over and Darkwyn even lands a job as vampire master (aka gatekeeper) to the exclusive part of Bronte’s club. There he also gets close to Zachary, Bronte’s son. All would be smooth sailing, except that both Bronte and Darkwyn have secrets and enemies that are out to get them. Can these lovers survive long enough to find out if they are indeed heartmates? (BERKLEY SENSATION, Apr., 294 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan