Image of Vampire Instinct (Vampire Queen)


Image of Vampire Instinct (Vampire Queen)

This is erotic writing at its best. Not just steaming hot sex on every page; there is a caring and nurturing storyline (with threesomes and bondage). There is as much pathos in this Vampire Queen novel as there is romance. It takes a special writer to bring that element front and center and not lose the character of the story. Reading previous entries in the series will help with background but is not strictly necessary.

Being Native American (and a vampire) gives Malachi a spiritual and mystical quality that is very captivating, and his magical way of dealing with wild cats enables him to handle five wild, newly made vampires and their caretaker, Elise. After she was brutalized and her not-yet lover killed, Elise’s only comfort comes from caring for the “children.” When they are sent from Australia to America, Elise is sent as well, because she needs as much healing as they do. (HEAT, Jul., 448 pp., $16.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins