Mel Andre is a trifle bored with her life as a modern-day vampire. She longs for the days of old and delights in the thought of being overpowered by an alpha male. Her wishes are about to come true, and then some, when she offers herself to Zigor, the ancient alpha male vampire who never allowed himself to adapt to the ways of the modern vampires. In return for quenching Zigor's desire, the vampires he feeds on are offered the ultimate vampire pleasure—a feeding frenzy devoid of any sexual control. Mel is about to become Zigor's most eager submissive.

In return for letting her taste all of his dark desires, Mel offers Zigor the challenge he has been yearning for. She stirs deep emotion in the dark vampire, but will she overstep the boundary and enter the world of the ancients to satisfy her lust for more carnal pleasures?

Hill entices readers to enter the dark and brooding world of the ancient vampires where there are no sexual rules. This steamy read offers a glimpse into the dark desires of a pair of kinky vampires. (dl $3.49)
Reviewed by: 
Katherine J. Turcotte