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Vampire Sly has been suffering a broken heart since he lost his wife 26 years ago. What Sly can’t imagine is that his family and friends are desperately trying to get him involved with a Wiccan woman whose psychic powers may end up not only easing his heart, but saving his undead life as well. In a literary world chock full of vampires, this is one that’s absolutely fantastic. With its humor, dialogue, theme and heart, Chase has put together an outstandingly fun romance with a great twist!

Sly is one of those undead creatures that you actually want hanging around. He spends his time walking around the neighborhood and keeping it safe from crime. Unfortunately, to save a young woman one night, Sly bites into a bad guy who’s wearing more bling than Mr. T, and his fang gets chipped on a bit of sterling silver — poison! He rushes to his friend Morgaine’s apartment for her help in curing what ails him. Morgaine yearns for the hot, dark vampire. She is psychic and can stir up any pot of elixir or poultice that Sly needs. When the werewolf downstairs moves out of 1B, Sly’s daughter Merry plans to move her father in and get him hooked up with Morgaine. Add to this a vamp on the prowl named Malvant, who wants nothing more than to stop Sly and Morgaine’s happiness, and Sly’s undead life becomes extremely real. (SOURCEBOOKS, Aug., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Amy Lignor