Image of Vampire Trinity (Vampire Queen)


Image of Vampire Trinity (Vampire Queen)

Sometimes the problem with an ongoing storyline is that the author doesn’t fill in the blanks for those who missed the initial entry in the series. That’s what’s going on with Vampire Trinity — that and a lot of sex, blood and violence — which isn’t necessarily bad, but could be a lot better with better-drawn characters. Readers might want to take a pass on the book if they haven’t read the first in the Vampire Queen series.

Vampire hunter Gideon Green never intended to become a vampire’s servant but when his onetime lover Anwyn Naime is turned, he winds up as part of an uneasy alliance between her and Daegan Rei, who is possibly the most dangerous vampire he’s ever known. The only way the two men can keep Anwyn sane as she passes through the change and is validated by the Vampire Council is to form a bond of trust. Soon, Gideon realizes that the bond has put him in the impossible position of being unable to live without the very thing he has sworn to destroy. (HEAT, Sep., 416 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper