Image of Vampire Vendetta


Image of Vampire Vendetta
VAMPIRE VENDETTA (4) by Alexis Morgan: Intent on avenging his half-sister's death, vampire Seamus Fitzhugh travels to vampire clan head Rafferty O'Day's estate to take his revenge. But when he arrives, he saves Megan Perez, Rafferty's wife's cousin, from an almost certain death due to poisoning. Rafferty and his wife, Joss, hire Seamus as a medic for the estate. Unable to combat his desire for Megan, Seamus vows to protect the half-vampire when the father of her child shows up to kill her and take their daughter. Seamus also learns truths about Rafferty and his sister's death. Morgan pens a fascinating tale about a world where vampires have top billing, half-vampires keep people in line and humans rank lowest in terms of strength and power.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay