Writing with clarion excellence, supertalent Karen Harbaugh blends the sparkling elegance of Regency England with a spellbinding touch of fantasy into a dazzling love story you'll never forget.

Nicholas, Viscount St. Vire, needs a wife. Handsome, wealthy and blessed with mesmerizing charm, this suave gentleman of the ton could look for a bride from the highest ranks of society. So why does he deliberately seek out a wastrel gambler and ask for his daughter's hand in marriage?

Certainly Miss Leonore Farleigh fails to understand just why she has been selected for this unexpected honor. But it is her only chance to escape a brutal father and lend assistance to her beleaguered mother and sister. And St. Vire shows her a kindness and gentleness she never expected to find.

And so they marry, and at first it goes amazingly well as a tentative rapport begins to build between them in spite of the secret Nicholas guards so carefully. But all his hopes for the future are put in jeopardy when a nemesis from the past returns and threatens the love he has learned to cherish.

Ms. Harbaugh brings a remarkble originality to a genre steeped in tradition, and the result is sheer reading delight. (Oct., 224 pp., $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer