Image of The Vampire Who Loved Me


Image of The Vampire Who Loved Me

THE VAMPIRE WHO LOVED ME (4) by Theresa Meyers: As security commander of his vampire clan, Achilles Stefanos is charged with protecting his people. So when the vampires learn that Dr. Rebecca Chamberlin is working on a vaccine to cure vampirism, Achilles is sent to watch her. When Beck’s investors decide to test the vaccine on her and it fails, Achilles must oversee her transformation to vampire. Soon Beck and Achilles are working together to save the vampire race from a new vaccine, one that reverts them to their chronological age, thus killing older vampires. Meyers’ latest includes intriguing characters and an interesting plot. As a Greek warrior and modern-day scientist, Achilles and Beck manage to mesh together quite well. And the idea of humans fighting vampirism with a vaccine is a novel one.

Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay