The fourth installment of the Accidentally Yours series strikes a balance between outrageous humor and a thoroughly satisfying love story with aplomb. The quirky cast and delightfully outlandish scenarios don’t distract from the genuinely moving and pleasantly unpredictable journey of the main couple. Though new readers will need to make use of the primers provided to catch up on the characters and mythology, it won’t be difficult to fall for Ixtab and her remarkable transformation, not to mention the thoroughly endearing secondary characters and their scene-stealing plotlines.

Ixtab, the goddess of suicide, has vowed never to touch another pure human again after causing the death of the only man she ever loved. But in order to save her people and rescue her best friend’s mate from his self-imposed exile, she has to help Dr. Antonio Acero recover from an unexplained accident that took his sight, aiding him in unlocking the secrets of an ancient Mayan tablet. But no matter how many times she tells herself that Antonio is nothing more than an arrogant womanizer, she can’t ignore his resemblance to her lost love, or the troubling reason that she can touch him without disaster. (FOREVER, Sep., 288 pp., $15.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown