Gail Sattler takes readers to VANCOUVER (3), British Columbia. Opposites clash, then attract, in "Gone Camping." Roberta Garland takes her broken heart to the great outdoors, where she can be alone. Why won't that overly appealing park ranger stop trying to help her? Is it so obvious she knows nothing about camping? Molly McNeil desperately needs to keep her new boss, Kenneth Quinlan, "At Arms' Length." Not easy when he makes up an endless array of excuses for them to spend time together. This second story has a predictable plot, and the first two tales are strikingly similar. Schoolteacher Gwen Lamont accepts a summer job on a dare and finds herself "On the Road Again" as a long-distance trucker. She expects her share of razzing from the male drivers, as well as challenges in learning a new occupation, but she never expects to fall for a fellow trucker. "My Name Is Mike," says Michael Flannigan at his first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Surely, he doesn't belong here. He's not an alcoholic, is he? Mike faces himself and God with the help of pastor's daughter Patty Norbert. (Jul., 477 pp., $6.97)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson