Image of Vanished (Greywalker, Book 4)


Image of Vanished (Greywalker, Book 4)

The action shifts to London in the
fourth installment of Richardson's first-person supernatural P.I. thriller when Greywalker Harper Blaine gets an unwelcome look into her family history and its ramifications. Richardson's descriptions of London with its ghostly layers of "grey" builds a tremendous platform for the eerie action. Harper is in a world of trouble!

Horrible nightmares set P.I. Greywalker Harper on edge. The disturbing discovery that her father committed suicide is followed by the equally alarming knowledge that he may also have been a Greywalker. When head Seattle vampire Edward wants to hire Harper to check on why his business associate has dropped off the map in London, she accepts the case, since it will allow her to check on her ex-boyfriend Will, who has been the subject of some of her disturbing dreams.

Upon her arrival, Harper quickly learns that the growing evil in the present is tied to her heritage and past. A terrible, powerful creature has a certain destiny in mind for Harper, but resilient Harper has other plans. (ROC, Aug., 352 pp., $23.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith