Image of Vanished: A Novel (Private Justice) (Volume 1)


Image of Vanished: A Novel (Private Justice) (Volume 1)

Hannon’s latest has a wonderful mix of suspense and romance. Although the villain is revealed toward the beginning, the motivation behind the crime is uncovered at a pace that will keep the reader interested and engaged. Relatable characters and a subtle message of faith round out the experience.

As reporter Moira Harrison is driving home through a rainstorm, she sees a woman in the middle of a deserted country road. In her attempts to stop, Moira is unable to avoid hitting her. A bystander offers to help and Moira loses consciousness, only to awaken later and find herself alone. After the police arrive, there is no sign of a the woman she hit — did Moira imagine the entire thing? She enlists the help of Cal Burke, a private detective, to discover if she is telling the truth, or if her head injury caused a hallucination. (REVELL, Jan., 336 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel