Caledonia "Callie" Rivers is known to all as the "Maid of Mayfair" because of her position as a London suffragette leader. When a detractors decides she's getting too much attention, he decides to bring down the pride of the suffragette movement once and for all.

Photographer and gambler Hadrian St. Claire owes a great deal of money, and when he's offered the chance to erase his debts by seducing and ruining Callie, he thinks the job will be easy: Just lure her into making a damaging portrait and his problems will be over. But he discovers that Callie speaks to his heart. How can he ruin the one thing that makes his life complete?

Callie and Hadrian are unlikely protagonists in this interesting romance. The conflict revolving around the suffragette movement is fresh and well crafted and not often found in historical fiction. (Jul., 300 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kristi Ahlers