The turbulent lives of the Thornton Family continue to be chronicled in VEGAS SUNRISE, the newest chapter of Fern Michaels' continuing saga. Otherworldly advice is an unexpected bonus that accents the intricate and emotionally charged whirlpool of actions at the center of this fascinating family saga.

Following the deaths of Ash and Simon Thornton, matriarch Fanny continues to be the anchor that holds her family together. Happily married to Marcus Reed, Fanny wants to retire and let her children run the various Thornton enterprises. Trouble appears on the horizon when son Birch returns from a self-imposed exile with a brand new wife, Celia. Just before Birch's unannounced return, Fanny had signed a three-year deal with Ash's bastard son Jeff Lassiter to run the Babylon Casino.

Money-and-power-hungry Celia is not about to let anyone deprive her of the lifestyle she craves. When Birch decides to take a risk on building a new casino in Atlantic City, Celia attaches herself to Jeff. Jeff has his own agenda for Babylon and it includes destroying the family and its empire.

Sage Thornton suspects something is going on, but can't quite get a handle on the problem. Accidents, illness and a severe blizzard threaten the lives and loves of the Thorntons, leaving the spirit of Ash Thornton no choice but to return to save his family. With a little ghostly help, this troubled family might get back on the right track.

(Sept., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith