From page one, where young Lucas Knight is running for his life, readers will be captivated. After witnessing the massacre of his family and other members of the Mormon church, Lucas is adopted by John Steele, a man who inducts him into a secret order of men who seek justice for sinners: the Saints.

Hannah McClary first meets Lucas when, as a 10 year old, she goes to live with her aunt. By the time she's 18, Lucas and Hannah are in love. Before they can marry, he must prove his loyalty to the Saints. Sickened by what they demand of him, Lucas raises his questioning heart to God and a veil is lifted from his eyes and heart, leading him to question the very foundation of his church.

Also questioning the truth, Hannah and her aunt find themselves in a dangerous situation: Hannah must bargain for her aunt's life by turning her back on Lucas. When word arrives that the president has deposed troops to the territory, Lucas knows he must defy the odds to get Hannah and her aunt out before it's too late.

Based on real events of both terror and tragedy, this spellbinding book features three women of strength, culminating in a dramatic event that readers will remember forever. Diane Noble (AKA Amanda MacLean), combines her masterful storytelling with excellent research to tell a story readers won't be able to put down. (June, 400 pp., $11.95)

Reviewed by: 
Diane Johnson