They talk in whispers about the reclusive Lord Rayburn, Byron Stratford, saying he's never seen in the light, lives alone in a dank ruin of a castle and allows no access to his deepest secrets or his heart.

To save her family's reputation Lady Victoria Wakefield must brave the "demon" in his lair. From the moment he spies Victoria, something in Byron is unleashed. Behind her prudish spinster facade, he sees passion. She tempts him to uncover secrets. He makes an outrageous proposal: become his temporary mistress.

For 15 years, Victoria has hidden in the shadows. Now this sinister man is offering her one chance to taste desire and she grabs it. Their explosive passion opens the door into the darkness that surrounds Byron, but their desire places them in danger from sinister forces.

With her debut erotic romance, Joyce enters the ranks of the best. Playing on readers' fantasies, she titillates and intrigues with a stimulating plot and unique characters. Longtime readers will realize that Joyce does for peaches what Susan Johnson did for plum pits, and they won't let this book out of their bedrooms. SPICY (Apr., 320 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin