When Lord Hugh of Castlerock pulls the fiery-haired lass from the sea he is stunned to discover that she has traveled alone from Ireland for some mysterious reason-a reason she refuses to reveal to her savior.

All Fiona O'Riordan wants to do is get away from the bold English knight. He can never learn the secret she carries or who she seeks.

Hugh cannot and will not let Fiona leave and when he is called home to find his father gravely wounded after being ambushed, he brings Fiona to Glastonbury with him.

Fate has brought these two together, for it is Fiona's destiny to find Hugh's mother and to learn the magical healing gifts from her. But more than this, Hugh and Fiona are drawn into a mystery surrounding King John, his disgruntled barons and a killer who will do whatever he must to thwart John and perhaps destroy all of England in the process.

Fans of medieval mysteries will find everything they could desire in VEIL OF PASSION. As Fiona and Hugh work to find the man with the Saracen blade and the motive for murder, they are drawn into a passionate alliance and dangerous territory.

Maura Seger beautifully blends mystery with romance, bringing her unique talents to the fore. VEIL OF PASSION is a must for those who thrive on an accurate portrait of the 12th century and savor the intrigue. SENSUAL (Dec., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin