Following Queen Eleanor's command, Conan, Baron of Wyndham, travels to the mist-shrouded shores of a Glastonbury to investigate a monk's murder. He rescues the suspect, Alianor, the Lady of the Lake-a healer, accused witch and woman of mystery-only to find himself captivated and mystified by her.

Though the bold knight saves her from the abbot's vengeance, Alianor is imperiled by the danger Conan presents to her heart. The daring knight follows her across the lake to her cottage and steals her affections.

Conan can be her salvation, but Alianor has a mission as the legendary Lady of the Lake that dates back to King Arthur. When there are other murders and Arthur's grave is unearthed, Conan must allow Alianor to undergo a trial by ordeal, where only her faith, their love and a dark secret can spare her life.

VEIL OF SECRETS is an enthralling, utterly spellbinding romance spilling over with lush romance, intriguing mystery and surprising revelations. Maura Seger is at the top of her form and you'll be held captive as she weaves this rich and colorful tale to bewitch your heart. SENSUAL (Feb., 400 pp., $5.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin