The further exploits of the Dar Sala-at and her attempt to save her people and her world are detailed in Volume Two of The Pearl—THE VEIL OF A THOUSAND TEARS.

The technologically advanced aliens thought Kundala was just another easy planetary conquest. Subjugating the natives and using up the planet's natural resources works for the first 100 years. But now the natives' gods are stirring, and the long ago locked away daemons are injecting further complications.

Riane is the prophesied redeemer of her people, but needs to complete her magical training before she's at full strength. The daemons mistakenly released during the Dar Sala-at ceremony have possessed several key players, both friend and invader. The daemons will destroy everything if not stopped.

Mr. Van Lustbader delivers fascinating plot twists, including alien invaders vs. natives vs. daemons vs. gods. Quicksilver changes and near misses create a tension-filled, fast-paced, realistic storyline. Sometimes the good guys win, and sometimes they don't. (Jul., 672 pp., $27.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kelly Rae Cooper