There's nothing veiled about the emotional power and dark sensuality of MacNish's sequel to Veiled Promises. With strong characters playing out a plot that delves into the deepest parts of the human soul, this is a tale to keep you riveted.

Raised in the West Indies, shipping magnate Rogan Mullan is suddenly thrust into becoming his uncle's heir. Arriving in London with his sister to meet his family, he discovers dark secrets and a woman locked in a room.

Emeline is a bird in a gilded cage, controlled and used by her stepfather and Jeffrey, the Duke of Eton, who won her in a card game. She is a pawn in her stepfather's scheme to destroy the duke. Rogan may be her savior.

Rogan cannot understand the fierce determination that lies beneath Emeline's sensuality, but he vows to help her and in doing so endangers his heart, and his sister's life. But he also gains a chance to set his soul free of guilt and claim Emeline's love. (Zebra, Oct., 384 pp., $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin