Jillian Danvers has always envied her twin sister Judith for her knack at getting her own way. Jillians stuck fulfilling her employment contract in a God-forsaken railroad stop as a waitress with Harvey Girls (a restaurant chain providing first class service to rail travelers in the southwest).

But Jillian discovers she likes Pinton, Arizona, and particularly the towns doctor. In an attempt to thwart her socialite mothers plans to marry her off to a man with a title and money, Jillian declares her engagement to Terrance Mac MacCallister, even though he seems only interested in friendship.

Mac and Jillian get drawn into the plight of the local Navajo village when a young Indian girl becomes pregnant after being raped by a white man. When Jillians parents show up to meet her fianci, Mac proposes a marriage of convenience.

Tracie Peterson has created a engaging romance with a sensitive portrayal of the plight of the Navajo people. (Jan., 288 pp., $9.99)

Reviewed by: 
Roberta Blair