This charming novel reminds readers why chick lit became so popular. Brodsky's heroine/narrator, Anna, is indeed in possession of a fabulous job, killer shoes and a handsome, wealthy boyfriend, yet she's struggling with many unresolved issues and feelings. Brodsky's nuanced and humorous writing style takes the reader on Anna's journey in an intimate and humorous way. Her foibles and missteps are endearing because her heart is in the right place. Furthermore, each of the supporting characters, especially her longtime friend Ray, is allowed to grow along with Anna. This is a funny, heartwarming book that readers will rush to finish and share with their friends.

Anna Walker's dream writing job just landed in her lap. She should be on top of the world, right? Wrong! While Anna loves to write, she's totally unprepared to cover the hot New York nightlife scene -- her idea of nightlife is popcorn and whatever is on Lifetime.

Furthermore, she's struggling to come to terms with her guilt over surviving a fire that her father didn't. Throw in a handsome new suitor, an old friend that just may be more and a plethora of jealous colleagues, and it's all Anna can do to survive her first week on the job. Slowly, she gets hold of her fears, gets the hang of the job and in the process discovers what she wants to do with her life -- and who she wants to spend it with. (Berkley, Oct., 292 pp., $ 13.00)
Reviewed by: 
Stephanie Schneider