Image of Vendetta (Silhouette Athena Force)


Image of Vendetta (Silhouette Athena Force)
Author Winter Archer is an ace at ferreting out information, so she's the one the Athenas call in to look into Marion Gracelyn's past and find out who engineered her murder and the kidnapping of two Athena students. But Marion's son, U.S. Attorney General David Gracelyn, isn't sure he wants an intrusive writer looking through his mom's private papers. Winter wins him over, however, and the two are soon working together to foil a murderer out to get Winter too. Vendetta (4), by Meredith Fletcher, is a well-written addition to the Athena Force series. Fletcher's characters are sharply drawn, and her story is exciting. Winter and David's budding relationship, however, does get a bit lost as the novel jumps back and forth between past and present.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay