Nurse and medic Maggie O'Brien has worked long and hard to become an accepted member of the St. Louis SWAT team. But while others admire her guts and determination, she has never measured up in the eyes of her legendary cop father, Tommy "The Terminator" O'Brien.

After a hostage call, Maggie's life begins to fall apart. The hostage is her childhood friend and sometimes lover, Sean Delaney. The man holding him, Montana Bob, is a mentally disturbed man and a familiar figure who faithfully brings Maggie flowers. As long as he takes his medication, he should be fine. So what set him off? When the hostage situation is settled, Sean and Montana Bob are taken to the hospital, where the latter unexpectedly dies.

Maggie is disturbed by Montana Bob's death. Could any of his paranoid ravings been true? Was someone after him? When Maggie realizes that a couple of other deaths seem suspicious, she starts to suspect the horrifying truth—someone is killing off the patients. But not just any patients—those on an infamous list of people who have ticked off the police or hospital staff. Maggie has walked into a hornet's nest of issues, loyalties and emotions. The path to justice might just get her killed.

After an absence, powerhouse author Eileen Dreyer explodes back onto the suspense scene with a book that will leave you breathless. Nobody does hospital thrillers better than Dreyer. Treat yourself to a transfixing and emotionally powerful read. (Mar., 384 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith