Fans of dark urban fantasy have something to look forward to: a new series from Shaede Assassin author Bonilla. The Sentry of Evil saga sets up an alternate world where some humans are born as Waerds (supernatural hunters) or Bearers (empaths/healers) who are then conscripted to work for the Sentry — an organization that protects humans. There is a gritty edge to this promising first installment that makes it very compelling reading.

Born a Waerd, Jacquelyn had no choice in joining the Sentry and after a tragedy where her Bearer partner was killed, she was exiled to Idaho to protect the local population. Micah Marinescu has been troubled by visions his whole life. Needing to get away, he takes an RV and starts driving. Fate brings him to McCall, Idaho, where he sees Jacquelyn, whose face he has been drawing. Jacquelyn realizes Micah is an unrealized, powerful Bearer and needs guidance. A deadly attack by three Furies reinforces that Micah may be there for a reason. Anger and guilt war within Jacquelyn, making her take ill-advised chances as she fights against fate. (AMANDABONILLA.COM, Sep., 296 pp., $10.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith