The Charvez family is back in a bewitching new erotic romance. The third in Dane's Witches Knot series, it can stand alone but will whet readers' appetites for more. While the story
has magical elements, the real magic
is between the characters. Dane has
a talent for setting the scene and
writing dialogue that rings true. The sexual encounters are hot, including
a threesome at the beginning. This
is an emotionally charged story
that really comes alive.

Kael Gardener's family was slaughtered by vampires when he was 6; at 15 he became a hardened vampire hunter. When he and his band arrive in New Orleans for a vacation, he meets Simone Charvez, an empath from a family of powerful witches. Sparks fly between them, but can this tough bad boy with tattoos and piercings really be Simone's mate? (, dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski