Emperor-elect Childeric learns on his eighth birthday that his regent uncle will kill him during his ascension ceremony in eight years. Childeric hones sorcerous skills, yet they're not enough to stop his uncle. He bargains with the demon Malvisage and dons the Mindmask in which Malvisage has been held captive. But demons aren't known for keeping promises, and Childeric becomes a captive and destroyer of his people. As Cady McCauley leaves a Hollywood party, she crashes her car trying to escape a snubbed lover. She wakes up in a fantastical castle where the sun never moves. Finding no one but a young boy, Cady knows she's dead, but is the boy? Then Cady recognizes him as a character in a series of fantasy adventure books she wrote in the 1960s. Rosemary Edghill's decadent, opulent VENGEANCE OF MASKS (4) perfectly conveys a chaotic world, intriguing characters and surprising plot twists. (May, 240 pp., $35.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kelly Rae Cooper