Image of Vengeance Road


Image of Vengeance Road

Absorbing, cleverly plotted and boasting a host of sharply etched characters, this is yet another winner from a gifted storyteller.

Once a Pulitzer nominee, veteran newspaper reporter Jack Gannon is now an anachronism. But Jack knows a good story when he hears one -- and the police scanner chatter about a body found in a makeshift grave fits the bill. The murdered woman is former nursing student Bernice Hogan, lately leading a darker existence. But even Jack doesn't see the twist coming: the prime suspect is Karl Styebeck, a cop and a pillar of the community.

Jack's paper prints the story, which leads a woman to tell Jack about her missing daughter, Jolene. He's skeptical about a connection, but when a bus ticket with Jolene's name on it is found at the Hogan crime scene, Jack's convinced. Even with his job at stake, he keeps digging. Can Jack put everything together in time to save Jolene's life? (MIRA, Sep., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer