Former corporate take-over shark Alexander Smith is bored. With his sister Elizabeth and her time-traveling husband Jamie MacLeod away from their Scottish estate, Alex is searching for some form of entertainment. Stumbling across one of Jamie's cryptic maps, Alex finds what he thinks is a time portal to Barbados; unfortunately, he finds himself dumped in a cold, damp, medieval England.

For ten long years, Margaret of Falconberg has fooled everyone into thinking her father is still alive and running the estate. The news of her father's demise has brought out persistent suitors, the worst being the evil Ralf of Brackwald. In order to protect what is hers, Margaret has become adept at fighting with both sword and lance, but she knows that time is running out. Embarking on a new plan to save her estate, Margaret decides to kidnap Ralf's younger brother Edward for ransom; what she gets is a very surprised Alex.

Convincing Margaret that disposing of him is not a good plan takes considerable effort. Despite his attempts to return to the present, Alex is soon captivated by Margaret. His attempts to assist her, however, are hindered by his vow never to fight again. Choices, vows and promises are put to the test as Margaret and Alex struggle to save Falconberg. Is there a place for their all- consuming love to flourish?

Outstanding and imaginative, Lynn Kurland gives her fans another time-traveling treat to savor. Visits from familiar characters just make this reading experience all the more special. (Apr., 432 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith