Magazine entertainment columnist Beth "E.M." Samuels knows she's not the kind of woman men pick up. But now her magazine editor has asked her to spice up her column up with some sexy details about what happens behind the bedroom doors. So Beth finds herself in a hotel bar, trying to pick up a man. Adam Rafael Jarvis is in town to reorganize the magazine—and to fire E.M. Samuels. When he overhears Beth say she will try to have sex with one more guy, he decides it might be fun to be that man. Their encounter takes place without either realizing the other's identity. Very Truly Sexy (3) by Dawn Atkins is cute. Beth is a well-drawn, sympathetic character who wants more in her life but doesn't know how to get it. The confusion about who each is becomes improbably drawn out, but it's fun to watch Rafael juggle the complications.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor