Left penniless after paying his fathers debts, rakish Jack Fairchild goes to the small town of Middledale to become a solicitor. He hopes to make wealthy local merchant Mr. Cranshaw his first client.

Jack does not recall meeting Miss Liza Cranshaw years ago, but that meeting changed her life. Liza fell in love and shes still yearning for Jack, but is soon to be engaged to the odious Lord Barrington, for reasons of her own.

However, those reasons become known to Jack when he accidentally reads Lizas letter to a friend. The rogue has a sudden change of heart deciding to become Miss Cranshaws salvation and rescue her before she marries unwisely or he ends up in debtors prison. But she must marry Barrington to save her familys reputation, unless she and Jack can find a way to expose Barrington for the ruthless, unscrupulous man he really is.

As their investigation and their romance progress, the reader is drawn into the mystery by witty repartie, humorous escapades, clandestine love scenes and the hope that these delightful characters will find a way to be together. Julie Beard wins your heart with this light and enchanting read. SENSUAL (Apr., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin