Edward Barraclough's carefree life is over when his nieces arrives. Deciding to take up residence in the country, Edward rents a manor house and seeks a governess for the girls when the perfect woman arrives on his doorstep. Without a moment's hesitation he hires Miss Petrie.

Lady Olivia Petrie has recently inherited a house and is there for a quick inspection when she's mistaken for a governess. She should tell Edward he's made a terrible mistake, but one look at the girls' pleading glances and Edward's handsome face and she decides that there can't be any harm in pretending to be a servant for two months.

Oh, how wrong she is! Being with the girls and Edward is more complicated than she imagined. Not only is she as attracted to her "employer" as he is to her, one of the girls' spurned suitors is wreaking havoc with their lives, and her brother has returned home. One slip from him and all will be ruined. What will Edward say when he realizes his error? Can she risk losing the man she loves?

This quick-paced "lady in disguise" romance is a light, fun read with lots of endearing characters. SENSUAL (Feb., 350 pp., $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin