Sandra Hill adds an unusual spin to a romance involving a time-traveling Viking.Hill's latest in a series of time-displaced Vikings is a quirky romance with comedic and paranormal elements. But the story's humor, which is based on misunderstandings of technology and vocabulary, soon loses its freshness.

The plot's true twist comes when his eleven children accompany him across the centuries. Magnus, a 10th-century Viking, and his children are transported from old Scandinavia into Angela Abruzzi's 21st-century life. Angela is forced to host Magnus and family at her vineyard as they adapt quickly to modern life.

Magnus is an endearing mix of old-time macho and startling open-mindedness, and Angela is admirable, but her emotional depths are mostly unexamined. The kids each have character traits and their presence shows Magnus as a loving, if gruff and overwhelmed, father.

(Mar., 346 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kay Mayo