In just one day Julianna Ridge becomes a young bride, a widow and a murderess. She does not expect anyone to believe that hitting her elderly groom on the back while he tried to perform his husbandly duty was an accident, especially not her stepson, George. Julianna runs away.

In London, an owner of a high-class brothel, Mistress Dennison, befriends her. When Julianna meets Tarquin, Duke of Redmyne, she turns down his outrageous proposal, but when the proposition turns into blackmail, she has no alternative but to accept.

She marries, in name only, the Duke's dying cousin, but the bed she shares is Tarquin's. In her determination to better the lives of the ladies of ill repute, Julianna drives him crazy by getting into one harrowing adventure after another.

As she envelopes him in her magic, Tarquin looks deeply into his soul and dislikes what he sees. But can he protect his bumbling mignonne from the vengeful desire of her enemies?

VICE is a delightful read, brimming with passion, touches of humor, poignancy and an overall view of the ladies of the night. A marvelous ending to Ms. Feather's "V" books. SENSUAL (June, 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond