Image of The Vicious Deep


Image of The Vicious Deep

This mythical tale is a great read told on land and below the sea. These mermaids are not the lovely creatures you know — they may be beautiful but they are also deadly. Córdova gives us a great new ending to The Little Mermaid. Boys and girls will enjoy this book, because while there’s a romance here, there’s also a good amount of action. Take note, there is some questionable language used.

Tristan Hart has always been good — good at swimming, good at making friends, good at getting girls. But when Tristan gets pulled under in an unnatural riptide, things get a little weird. Now, Tristan cannot remember what had happened in the three days he was missing in the sea. He begins having nightmares about a terrible and beautiful creature, a silver mermaid. Now Tristan is about to find out what his mom really is, and what that says about what he really is. With time running out Tristan must fight for his rightful place in this world — and the one below. (SOURCEBOOKS, Apr., 384 pp., $9.99, ISBN: 9781402265105, PB, 12 & Up)
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Meera Patel